pioneers a sustainable and circular economy model in grassroots golf, shaping the future of sports education




GOLF 4 CIRCULARITY (GOLF for CIRCULAR Innovative Training of Youth) general project objective is to set up a cross-sectoral trans-European network of seven key organisations in sports and education (science) sectors to elaborate, pilot, evaluate and disseminate a totally innovative sustainable circular economy golf-educational model at the European grassroots golf club level to advance on circular awareness and understanding and build sustainable behavior in grassroots clubs, coaches, club managers and golf players 14-19 aged living in 20 EU communities including 2 EU remote (backward) communities. The project aims to promote the circular economy and sustainability education in and through golf focusing mainly on a) supporting skills development in grassroots golf, b) encouraging Dual Careers of coaches and athletes c) promoting the quality of coaching and staff, and d) promoting employability through golfT. hrough setting up a transnational network of four EU national golf organisations (Bulgarian, Austrian, and RN Macedonia golf federations and Iceland golf union),…  READ MORE